About IntegraWorks

Transformational Power of End-to-End Technology Services Delivery

At IntegraWorks, driven by the transformational power of end-to-end technology services delivery to elevate businesses to new heights. Our journey is a collective endeavor, rooted in a shared vision to redefine professional technology services and systems integration.

Meet Our Founders

With a combined experience spanning decades, our team has always been at the cutting edge of tech innovation. IntegraWorks is built upon our shared passion for continuous improvement and transforming business processes.

A Much Needed Revamp

While working with myriad technology vendors, we felt a growing frustration with the stagnant service delivery models. This, combined with the technological opportunities presented by Automation, ML, and AI, and the evolving job market favoring remote and independent work, created the perfect opportunity. It was clear: the industry's slow, manual processes desperately needed a revamp

Vision to Practicality

This wasn't just about addressing a gap in the market; it was personal. The team's shared experiences, aspirations, and the emotional drive to make a difference became a catalyst for change. We envisioned a platform that would not only streamline service delivery but also resonate with the challenges many face in the industry.

Birth of

With a shared determination, we embarked on an in-depth ecosystem analysis, leveraging our collective insights to test and refine our ideas. The feedback from stakeholders was a resounding echo of our own sentiments. The need for change was palpable.

Our Mission

To revolutionize technology services for all processes and stakeholders, from pre-sales to delivery and support. We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction, always driven to deliver business outcomes that are aligned to our customers’ success criteria.

Our aim is to create unparalleled value by disrupting outdated business models by automating key building blocks in the fulfilment process.

Investing into Future

For Our Investors

At IntegraWorks, we're not just building a platform but we're shaping the future of technology services delivery. We warmly invite investors to embark on this exhilarating journey with us, as we continue to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the tech realm.